Welcome! I have a lifelong passion for designs and crafting. My talent is inherited – My Mom taught all three of her daughters how to sew, cook and decorate at a very early age. Dad, who owned a hardware store made sure we were handy too. I never gave a second thought to painting my own room or refinishing furniture. My sisters are amazing at photography and drawing. We were always creating something in our house. Our brother,the youngest sibling, well I don’t know if he’s crafty but he sure is creative when it comes to making money! I married a man who is also extremely handy – he can do anything in our home from plumbing to woodworking (He can cook too)! He learned so much from his dad who’s building skills are all over the Philadelpia area. His Mom can do just about anything too from painting murals in her home to making a mouthwatering pasta fasule! My daughter is in college for graphic design and her artwork is truely stunning (Her WordPress account is Focused Creations). My son is a mechanical genius and has amazed us with his ability since he was four years old! My stepson and his wife have transformed their home from run down to Fabulous! My step-daughter is a wiz with cutting hair when she finds time from taking care of her five, yes five children! The granddaughters are already starting to show a love of crafting and the boys are sure to follow in the handyman footsteps of their dads and granddads.

I can never stay with just one type of project, although papercrafting is surely tops on my list! In this blog, I’ll be sharing every type of project that I do, always trying to make things look wonderful. If there is one central theme in what I do, it’s to make a beautiful home. I love to search all over for items that catch my eye and that are unusual. Come join me in my search!


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  1. and your future son-in-law is creative with music and such 🙂
    What a imaginative family

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